Shoulder width56.559.862.364.7
Chest width57.
Waist width57.
Bottom width57.
Shoulder slope length20.021.522.523.5
Front body length73.976.778.480.7
Center back body length72.074.576.078.0
Sleeve length22.924.425.626.8

Chest width57.
Bottom width57.
Center back body length74.576.578.080.0
Shoulder slope length21.
Sleeve length65.366.868.369.7
Shoulder width58.661.063.465.9

Chest width57.
Shoulder width58.462.164.867.5
Shoulder slope length20.021.522.523.5
Center back body length73.575.076.578.0
Front length75.477.278.980.6
Sleeve length58.660.662.664.6

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