Carhartt - as a symbol of dedication, continuity and love in Interstellar


The Carhartt Jacket is a symbol of the times and a connecting bridge between the characters and events of the film. It is no coincidence that in scenes of key decision-making, the main characters are dressed in similar models of the legendary Carhartt brand. The image of these items symbolizes a mission, continuity, love, and time.

Let's dive into the history of the brand:

Carhartt was founded in 1889 in a small attic in Detroit, Michigan. It started with producing overalls using two sewing machines. The first products were made with the involvement of railway workers, allowing the brand to meet their needs. Carhartt's clothing quickly became the standard for quality workwear. Since then, Carhartt has been creating unique products for 132 years, evolving from workwear to streetwear classic and becoming one of the iconic vintage brands.

On one hand, the Carhartt jacket in the film "Interstellar" could be seen as mere product placement and nothing else. However, let’s explore this idea more deeply, linking the film's plot lines with the brand's history and values.

• Mission

Initially, the brand's mission was to support the working class by creating the best clothing for workers under the slogan "Honest value for an honest dollar."

Since the driving conflict of "Interstellar" is the characters' struggle to survive in the horrible conditions of devastated Earth, the Carhartt work jacket, designed to withstand the most severe conditions, fits perfectly. The film's main character, Joseph Cooper, is a farmer, the very working class that Carhartt has prioritized throughout its existence. Despite the difficulties and crises of the 20th century, Carhartt not only stayed afloat but also expanded its market, remaining true to its principles and supporting the working class through all the crises faced by American society in the 1920s and 1930s.

• Continuity

Continuity in the brand is expressed in both clothing and family values. After Hamilton Carhartt's death, his sons Jay and Wylie continued the business. Later, the company's management was handed over to Wylie Carhartt's son-in-law, Robert Valade.

The original Carhartt Detroit model, which became the progenitor of the jacket featured in the film, was introduced in 1954. In those days, product names were straightforward, so it was simply called "zipper jacket." Since then, this model has undergone constant changes, and codes and numbers corresponding to the year of release and color have been added to the name. "Interstellar" character Joseph Cooper wears the Weathered Duck Detroit J97 jacket. Decades later, Murph also wears a Carhartt jacket, emulating her father in both appearance and work. The undeniable quality of Carhartt means that its products can be passed down and worn again from generation to generation, ultimately leading to the brand appearing in vintage stores. However, it is worth mentioning that Cooper wears the Weathered Duck Detroit, while his daughter Murph wears the Weathered Quinnwood Chore model. They are very similar and reflect the continuity of the characters in the film.

• Love and Time

"Interstellar" defines love as a potentially quantifiable force for moving through the dimension of time.

The concept of time is one of the dominating themes in the film. We are shown metaphors like the sands of time or images of ship-shaped dials moving in infinite space. Even some of the film's tense moments, accompanied by Hans Zimmer's compositions, correspond to a rhythm of 60 beats per minute. Not to mention the obvious — the resolution of the film's conflict. Murph solves the planet-saving puzzle by receiving a message from her father through the watches in the cupboard. In the scene where Cooper departs on his journey, full of selfless love, and in the scene where Murph catches the hint from her father – the Carhartt jacket allows a return to the past. This is the evolution of cultural history and experience accumulated in the past. Our ever-growing access to the past liberates us from time. "We just hear the memories of our children," says Cooper. The connection is defined by love. Murph provided a foothold for communication beyond time, while Cooper found in the tesseract a bridge through time via love.

So did Carhartt, starting its journey back in 1889, maintaining a love for its mission and continuity, and creating an entire workwear culture. Now, it's not just "value for money" for the working class, but a beloved image of a person faithful to their values.

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